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Semi Husked Coconut

The Semi Husked Coconut is supremely utilized to add distinct fragrance and flavor to the sweets, savories and cuisines. Plucked from the naturally grown trees, these coconuts do not have little husk or fiber hairs that saves time from peeling that are sometime difficult work to do. Our semi-husked coconut can be easily broken and is enriched with coconut water. Enriched with natural minerals, the coconut also finds extensive usage in medicinal applications.

Specification :

Colour Light Brown
Maturity Matured
Grade Semi husked
Weight 500 gm to 650 gm
Nut Size 12 to 14 inches
Packing 25 nuts per bag
Lodability of 20ft container900 bags
Lodability of 40ft container1850 bags
Payment Terms100% advance / irrevocable L/C (with prime bank)
Self Life50 days from the date of packing
Delivery time5-10 days
Min. order quantity 900 bags per 20ft container
Unit pricePer ton wise


Vitamin B Thiamine - 10 mg
Vitamin C 2 mg
Calcium 21 mg
Iron 2.0 mg
Phosphorus 98 mg
Fat 34.7 gm
Carbohydrates 14 gm
Protein 3.4 gm
Calories 359

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More Information

  • High protein content.
  • Destroys intestinal parasites
  • Good for kidney and urinary bladder problems.
  • Seasons / Availability

    These husked coconut's are found to be cultivated in various parts of southern India and are available all around the year. There arevarious coconut suppliers in Karnataka, Kerala, Goa, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu that want to enhance their sales. We at CoconutIndia help the various coconut suppliers of India to sell their coconuts in the market thereby making the best deals available for you.

    ifreshexports is one of the topmost Fresh Coconut exporters in India. We have been operating for many years and are dealing with a number of clients from various parts of the globe. Our services are unmatchable because of the excellence and the quality of our products. The coconuts provided by us are packed from farms directly. All types of coconuts are from naturally grown trees.

    While packing the coconuts, we make sure that our organic and fresh coconuts remain intact. Our clients must receive them in the same manner without any damage. The coconuts, which we supply, are widely used in various industries such as food and beverage, cosmetic and health & beauty care products. We deal with the reputed clients from these industries and make sure that they get the high quality products without any delay and lack of quality.

    Coconuts are tropical and sub tropical fruits, which have found wide acclaim for their properties and are consumed by all people around the world, in their natural state or find usage in cookery. The weight of the Semi and Fully Husked Coconuts ranges between 500 gms - 700gms. The coconut husk fiber is processed in the natural procedure, without any additives or chemical methods. Coconuts are highly nutritious and tasty and are consumed in the raw. They also form a part of our daily food, for taste, flavor and good health. Export worthy packing is employed to take care that the Coconuts arrive at the respective destinations, intact after long passage of time. The mature Brown Coconuts are graded after plucking, according to the weights and sizes, and only the best are chosen for further processing. Stage checks are carried out in the process of coconut husk fiber to ensure one hundred percent quality, and are dispatched to the customer.

    Most of our clients feel that the coconuts provided by us are delicious, healthy and pure. They do not contain any adulteration or harmful elements. This is because we follow the standards and do not compromise the high quality of our products. The coconuts are organically grown and they give amazing aroma, taste and enriched with nutrients. These products are packed properly so that they can be preserved for a longer duration and when they reach our clients, they are in their best form.

    The products delivered by us are also used in the hotels and the end users. That is why, they have to be served without any contamination. We ensure that the coconuts are picked from our natural coconut gardens and a standard procedure is followed to pack them. ifreshexports is one of the Indian wholesale Green Coconut suppliers and has expanded the venture to various parts of the India and Globe.

    Our Export Market :

    There is a huge demand for fresh semi husked coconuts across the world ifreshexports is a reputed coconut exporter in India and overseas including London, Dubai, Malaysia and Singapore. As a coconut exporter or supplier; we deliver good quality coconuts anywhere in India and overseas at competitive prices within the scheduled timeframe.

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